Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sexy and Hot Filipina-Beauty Woman in her Bikinis

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Web Name: Aica

Aica is just one ordinary girl next door with a simple personality. A little bit demure but versatile and an outgoing Filipino woman. She is the type of Filipina-beauty woman that is not hard to please and very approachable. She could be very nice and sweet to those who cherish and accept her for who she is but not to those ASSHOLES!!!.....(you know what I mean). She is strong and independent Filipino woman but you can easily be friend with. When it comes to love for sure she is a good lover and hopelessly romantic ..Ohh yes, SHE IS..




How to maintain this sexy,flawless body of Aica???? Simple..... She is playing badminton,basketball and swimming. So, wants to be her playmate????



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