Sunday, March 29, 2009

Lovely and Beautiful Filipina

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Web Name: Candybee

Candybee is a very lovely and beautiful Filipino woman but in a relationship right now. Her face is very pretty that you can hardly tell that it is a face of a 27 year old filipina. She really looks like a very innocent 19 year old beautiful filipino woman.

Candybee is a perfect example of a Filipina-beauty woman distinguished by her black hair,round eyes and fair complexion. Her very lovely face and pink lips will make you smile everyday and will make her the character of your imagination. If this is the kind of beauty you are dealing right now for sure you will not do anything stupid to loose her.

Since she is in a relationship right now all we can do is simply watch,watch,and watch her until the time she is available.








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1 comment:

  1. hi candy in dancel cn u be my friends first 09202665481


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